Who We Are

Micro Service Inc. is a Canadian Company with its operations office is located at 290 Saunders Rd., Barrie Ontario. Micro Service Inc. is incorporated under the Ontario Corporation Act by a certificate of incorporation dated the 23rd day of January 1980. The Company is a member of the Electrical Utilities Safety Association ( EUSA ).

The Company is listed with Dun & Bradstreet Canada Ltd. and is a member of the Ontario Business Association along with other service organizations. Micro service is fully insured for corporate liability and has a detailed Health and safety policy.

Our background in antenna installation and repair stems from our founding president having 33 years experience at Northern Telecom. His position for his last 16 years at N/T was division manager for antenna and waveguide installations/repair for North, South and Central America.

From 1980 to 1988 our primary customer was Bell Canada. Although their microwave network has been reduced considerably we are still their antenna / waveguide maintenance and emergency repair company of choice.

Since 1988 Bell Mobility Cellular has used our services on a large scale along with Bell Mobility Radio, Nortel Mobility, CBC, Harris Farinon, Alcatel, Motorola & various municipal police forces/fire depts.,etc.

Our current customer base includes Bell Canada, Bell Mobility, Roger’s Wireless, OPP, Ministries of Health, Corrections, Natural Resources and Transport.

Micro Service Inc.