Welcome to Micro Service Inc.

Micro Service Inc. is the most experienced and trusted installation, antenna rigging, and turnkey solution leader in Canada. In the recent years, we have stepped up our services to cater to the next generation network operator needs. We are known for delivering services on time. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched.

Micro Service Inc.

In our 40 years of operation, we’ve worked for numerous tier one service providers and have proven ourselves as a leader in that space. We install antennas, cables, and steel on towers for the cellular industry. We also perform fiber testing, RFC2544 Ethernet back-haul testing, and provide you with cutting edge, IP-based microwave equipment from numerous vendors.


At Micro Service Inc., our employees are like family and it is our duty to ensure that they work in safe conditions. We are driven by quality. Our high standards of work are a result of years of experience in the field of rigging and telecommunications installation. Over the years we have become a premier wireless and wireline provider space in the country.

We provide advanced equipment for our employees.

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